> Possibility of double-motorization and wide range of powers available:150Hp; 200Hp; 225Hp; 250Hp up to 300Hp.
> The front windshield, curved and of one piece front, provides greater visibility and luminosity. Both the front windshield and sides are laminated glass.
> The cockpit and helm are on the same level, which facilitates access.
> Sound distribution of weight thanks to the availability in the centre of carena of the fuel tanks and freshwater.
> Choice of hull gelcoat finishes in blue, red or black.
> A wide water beam permits an exceptional stability either sailing or static.

> Overall length: 8.90m
> Beam: 2.85m
> Displacement: 3.19Tm
> Fuel capacity: 270L
> Fresh water capacity: 80L
> Passengers: 8